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Top Notch Taxidermy Studio - CFIA Certified with current
Canadian Food Inspection Agency licenses under the Health of Animals Act & Regulations

  • Cleaning & Disinfection of Imported Integumentary Tissues License (CFIA)

  • Remove & Transport Specific Risk Material (SRM) 


Effective 2013, CFIA laws on importation of integumentary tissues into Canada implemented upgraded steps to handle importation from specific countries

TOP NOTCH is pleased to have followed the new guidelines and is a CERTIFIED FACILITY to CLEAN, DISINFECT and HANDLE Imported Integumentary Tissues

What Does tHe New Law mean exactly?

  • Imports of hunting trophies and integumentary tissues from countries other than the USA must now be visually inspected by the CFIA port of landing when arriving into Canada. This would include fully taxidermized trophies. 

  • A copy of the CFIA premise approval certificate must be provided by the importer to the CFIA at the time of importation. Meaning all trophies will need to have someone such as ourselves, that is licensed to work with CFIA upon clearance from their initial steps to transport to final certified destination for Canadian CFIA disinfection on our end.

  • If no premises has been pre-arranged for the shipment, the items will be retained for a maximum of 30 days awaiting distribution of trophies. If not finalized in 30 day window, the trophies will be ordered from Canada.

  • HINT- plan ahead and contact us to get this set up in advance. Our preference for port of landing is the Calgary International Airport. NOTE:

  • NOTE- unless you hold a valid premises certificate, you will no longer be able to import your trophies or anyone else's

  • ( ex. countries such as Africa, Asian etc. ) 

  • ANOTHER TIP- we can work with our broker and/or you will need to hire a broker to help clear the paper work in advance to Canada Customs releasing. Of course, super important to provide all paper work in advance to save on time  and costs ( eg. terminal storage charges add up quickly)  

  • Once license location has been accepted at the port of landing- CFIA will inspect the shipment - in communication and physically on-site the port of landing they will officially seal tag if cleared. We then are permitted to transport the items directly to our location. 

  • After we open the seal on our end at Top Notch, we will then have 72 hours to complete a full-complete disinfection Canadian procedure to the trophies

     $ Pricing for Top Notch service for handling and disinfection for imports priced on request.

     CFIA/Broker/Customs charges will depend on condition of the shipment, timeline of stay at the port of landing, etc. 

     All of the above costs will be the responsibility of the owner of the shipment


   Suggestion to

   the shipper to        enhance an easier

canadian clearance

  • Ship in a completely SEALED container; leak proof or slat openings for bugs to enter

  • Trophies should be free of blood, soil, vegetable material, hay, straw, or manure will not be accepted in Canada

  • Wrap all trophies in min 6 mil plastic; place inside crate

  • All pertinent licensing should be attached to shipment; copies sent in advance via email to proper channels mentioned above

  • Any uncertainties or questions- please direct via email in advance to shipping 

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